Legionella Testing Birmingham and the West Midlands

legionella bacteriaLegionella Risk Control.co.uk specialise in Legionella testing throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are part of the AMES Group Ltd and have a team of Legionella testers on hand to operate nationwide.

What is Legionella Testing?

Legionella is a type of bacteria that thrives in moist conditions, particularly water. When ingested Legionella can cause diseases such as Legionnaires’s disease which can have a mortality rate as high as 10%. Because of the high risk of contamination it is required by law for commercial businesses with over 5 employees to carry out Legionella risk assessments every 2 years. Legionella testing involves taking samples of the water in your premises and testing for traces of Legionella.

Legionnaires Water Testing: What We Do

As part of our Legionella testing we carry out analytical testing of the water quality in your premises. This includes industrial and manufacturing sites, both council and private leisure facilities, Hospitals and NHS buildings, food manufacturing facilities and more.

We take water samples from different, relevant components in your system. This gives us an accurate reading on the health of your water system and can detect any traces of Legionella. We mainly focus our water samples in water tanks, pipework, equipment and any outlets where Legionella may be prone to grow.

We use UCAS approved laboratories and can test for elevated levels of bacteria in your water. Legionella is the main bacteria we look for but our tests can find several strains of bacteria. Legionella is the most dangerous, there are other forms of biological contaminant that can be dangerous and samples can be tested for other specific problems. Apart for water systems we also check your drinking water and assess how balanced, clean and safe it is to drink. We can also consult with you on the results of your chemical and microbiological tests and can advise on how to maintain the best water conditions for your facility.

If you are legally required to test your water systems, our Legionella testing assessors can help. Compliance with ACoP L8 or the Drinking Water Regulations is a necessary requirement that our experts can help you with. We offer great service throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands and offer quick turn around times. We can arrange for an assessor to come to you and take samples which can be analysed in our laboratory. AMES also offer a Legionella testing and and provide an explanation of all samples taken.

How Often Do You Need Legionella Testing?

By law if you run a company with 5 employees or more, or you rent out a property to tenants, then you require a Legionella risk assessment every 2 years. In some cases where you may have had a renovation or change to your cooling system you may require further testing.

Testing or sampling for Legionella is not required for domestic hot and cold water systems, but only in very specific circumstances (HSG274 Part 2, para 2.120). A risk assessment is different from specific testing which is not to be confused with temperature monitoring. The health and safety law does NOT require landlords to obtain or produce Legionella test certificate.

Areas Covered: Birmingham and the West Midlands

Although we operate throughout the UK, we have offices in Birmingham, West Midlands and can carry out swift and effective Legionella testing throughout the area. We have many commercial and domestic customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands and our main office is based in Halesowen. Other areas covered include:  Birmingham, Smethwick, Dudley, Sutton Coldfield, Bromsgrove, Wolverhampton and Coventry.

Legionella Testing Service by the Experts

AMES Group Ltd are leaders in Legionella testing throughout the UK. We have a team of assessors and offer training programs for Legionella and Legionnaires testing. Legionella risk assessments are required by law, but specific testing can be carried out in numerous scenarios. You may have just acquired a property with stagnant water systems and it is a good idea to get the water tested for any Legionella bacteria. If you want to keep a healthy ship then it’s advisable to carry out a full water sampling program alongside a risk assessment. We can offer expert advise on how you should manage your water system and prevent any outbreak of the deadly diseases associated with the Legionella bacteria.

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